STRs database » ZIC2 locus
Gene ZIC2
Location Coding in 13q32.3
Reference region chr13:99985448-99985493 (hg38)
chr13:100637702-100637747 (hg19)
chr13:99196358-99196403 (hs1)
Repeat unit GCN
Repeat type Imperfect GCN
Distribution of repeats in a superpopulation
Overview of repeats

There has been only one report which demonstrates the pathogenic role of polyalanine repeat expansion in the exon 3 of the ZIC2 gene (Brown et al., 2005). An expansion of 10 alanines was detected in one patient of ZIC2, resulting in an allele of 25 alanine residues and causing brain malformation, known as holoprosencephaly 5 (HPE), while the normal length was found to be 10 repeats (Brown et al., 2005).

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Disease(s) and range of repeats
Disease Onset Inheritance Normal Intermediate Pathogenic
Holoprosencephaly 5 (HPE5) Paediatric Autosomal dominant 15 - ≥25