Genotyping STRs made easy

STRipy is a free and open source application created for genotyping known pathogenic short tandem repeats loci in the simplest way. At the moment, STRipy allows the genotyping in total 58 diseases caused by 55 loci in 52 genes. This includes all known disease-causing STRs. STRipy also provides the distributions of alleles for these loci in healthy populations. More information available on the about page and preprint on bioRxiv.

STRipy version 1.1 will be released in late October.

Download STRipy v1.0
macOS Linux
Instructions for macOS systems

Unpack the compressed (zip) file and drag to the Applications folder. Open STRipy from the Applications folder.

NB! When running the application for the first time you will get a security warning saying this app cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Click "Cancel" to close the window and then go to "System Preferences", click on "Security & Privacy" and under the "General" tab (at the bottom) it should say: "STRipy was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer". If yes, then click "Open Anyway" and also "Open" on the pop-up window.

If instead of STRipy there is a name of another application, then you need to make a choice for this one to remove the notification and display the one related to STRipy.